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At Frankies Community Kitchen we are grateful for any and all donations: they keep us running and allow us to make meals to feed those who need it most.

Your donations not only help us fill hungry bellies, they help pay for running costs of our community kitchen, like the purchase of necessary equipment which allow us to put food on empty tables.

We welcome donations from individuals and businesses wanting to get involved with an awesome cause.

TO MAKE A DONATION, follow the links below.
Thanks for helping us to keep spreading the love!

Note: Frankies Community Kitchen have applied for deductible gift register status, and are anticipating a result in the very near future. You will be issued a receipt for your donation, however, at this stage it will not be tax deductible.

Donate As An Individual

Donate as an individual

Thanks for stopping by to make a donation!

It’s donations like yours which help Frankies Community Kitchen make meals to feed those who need it most.

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