Our Story

Frankies Community Kitchen was born out of a desire to save quality ingredients which would usually be thrown away, and make nourishing meals to feed people in need.

In the food industry there is a lot of waste.

Perfectly good food is discarded every single day because it does not meet the high standards expected for sale.

Notice how the eggs you buy from the supermarket are never double yolkers? Yep? That’s because they’re deemed unfit for sale, even though they taste exactly the same, and are still loaded with nutrient goodness.

The same goes for carrots, parsnips, sweet potato and other produce. If they aren’t perfectly symmetrical or have two root endings for instance, they aren’t sold as they do not meet the grade consumers expect.

With so much good food wasted, and so many people in our community struggling to make ends meet, we felt it wasn’t right to stand by and do nothing.

That’s why we came up with Frankies Community Kitchen.

To make good food and bring good people together, to make a difference and spread the love.

How it works


We get food donations from generous suppliers and people who want to share their produce with others.


Our amazing volunteers come to our kitchen to make beautiful, wholesome meals. These are packaged immediately to seal in their goodness.


Hardworking charities and outreach organisations come and collect our meals for distribution in the community to those who need them most.

Let's get together for our fellow human being, for no reason other than we can