Volunteer Food

At Frankies Community Kitchen we’re always grateful for food donations so we can fill hungry bellies with nutritious food made with love. Perhaps you’re a farmer with excess produce you don’t want to see wasted, or you’re a food supplier or supermarket with excess stock or with damaged packaging.

We welcome any fresh, good quality food donations which we can use to make meals for those who most need them. If you can help us with any food requests, we’d be especially grateful. If it’s not on the list below – no worries, we’re grateful for any food we can use in our meals.

Food in Demand

Meat: Ham, Bacon
Dairy: Cheese, Milk, Cream, Butter
Fresh Produce: Eggs, Fresh Vegetables, Canned Food, Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes
Other: Pastry

Let's get together for our fellow human being, for no reason other than we can